About Us

Founded in 2007 Our mission is two-fold: Provide advanced ceramic materials consultancy as your innovation partner through the product lifecycle, from application definition, initial demonstration, pilot level prototyping, production scale-up, and implementation.

Manufacturing development partner. Low-cost, high-quality distributor of technical components made from both oxide and non-oxide ceramic materials meeting your specific application.

Advanced Ceramic Processing Expertise Particle Reduction: Ball Mill, Attrition Mill Jet Pulverizing Phase Pre-reaction Calcination Agglomeration Spray Drying, Freeze Drying Forming Cold Iso-static Pressing/Dry Pressing Slip casting/Pressure Slip casting Injection Molding Extrusion Roll Compaction Green Machining: CNC Binder Burnout/Bisque Firing Densification High-Temperature Gas Kiln High-Temperature Electric Kiln Vacuum/Inert Gas Sintering Vacuum Hot-pressing Final Grinding: Complex CNC Machining Chemical Cleaning Coatings: CVD, PVD, TWAS, Plasma-Spray Material Characterization: Powder Material Purity Physical Properties Electrical Properties

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